Even in our most divided moments, all Americans want a healthier, safer, more secure future. PIRG’s role is to find common ground around the common sense solutions that will make that future a reality. The problems we address aren’t progressive or conservative, they’re just problems our country should no longer tolerate in an age of great abundance and technological progress.
For almost 50 years we’ve helped to win laws and policies that make a real difference in people's lives. Take our work reducing air pollution for example. We've won laws and policies to limit pollution from power plants, cars and other sources that helped save tens of thousands of lives. In fact, deaths from air pollution dropped nearly in half between 1990 and 2010.
If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and win more results for the public, we’d love to hear from you. At our online jobs center you can find out more about all our positions including:

Work with our experienced team of advocates, researchers, and digital and communications experts to make an impact on public interest issues, whether it's moving your state beyond plastics by eliminating the worst types like single-use plastics, transforming transportation, or giving consumers the right to repair their products to reduce waste.

Entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply; we provide training on advocacy and organizing skills, as well as oversight and on-the-ground training by an experienced advocate. Ideal candidates will have leadership experience, top-notch written and verbal skills, an eagerness to learn, and be ready for a challenge. We value organizing experience, including building campus or community groups. MORE | APPLY
PIRG is hiring national campaign directors to lead our program teams. We’re looking for an experienced political advocate who will be responsible for organizing, media outreach, recruitment, developing staff, fundraising and coalition-building to drive the program. MORE | APPLY
We're looking to expand our team of state directors across the country. The state director is responsible for developing our strategy, approach and local message to win our campaigns. The state director will also meet with local decision-makers and opinion leaders and represent our organization to allies and the media. Qualified candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to public interest issues and to citizen-based social change, as well as a track record of leadership. MORE | APPLY
How will you get results on important issues? Well, for one thing, you won’t spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk. Instead, you'll get out and organize where there are young passionate people, people who care as much about these issues as you do, and who have the drive and energy to make change happen. That’s why we’re sending organizers to college campuses around the country. MORE | APPLY
Are you ready to help build the grassroots power it takes to stand up to special interests and give the public a voice? For years, NCPIRG has won real victories to protect our democracy, our health and safety, and our financial wellbeing. Yet we still face enormous challenges, from a flood of big money in our democracy, to protecting public health by keeping our antibiotics safe and effective. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Fund for the Public Interest to help us bring together thousands of like-minded students and activists to work on campaigns to win real progress for the public. We need people like you to go out into communities to talk with citizens about the issues, raise money, and build membership. You will also have the opportunity to work with the media, build coalitions and mobilize community activists. Positions are available in state, as well as in more than 50 offices across the country. For more information or to apply, visit
Get a chance to work side by side with one of our lead NCPIRG staff, focusing on real problems that affect people in their daily lives. We are currently hiring undergraduate, graduate and JD interns on a rolling basis to work with us on our various campaigns.  To find out more about internships and volunteer positions, click here.
NCPIRG is an equal opportunity employer.
NCPIRG is part of The Public Interest Network — a group of organizations that share a vision of a better world, a set of core values, and a strategic approach to change. Click here for things you should know about our network when you apply.

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NCPIRG is part of The Public Interest Network, which operates and supports organizations committed to a shared vision of a better world and a strategic approach to social change.