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Hospital technicians renew urgent call for Right to Repair medical equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic still rages, but issues facing medical device repair go unresolved 


Three containers of powdery makeup CC via Wikimedia Commons

Once again, product testing demonstrates that the risk of asbestos contamination in talc-based cosmetic products is simply too high to accept.

 | by
Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

Here are some tips to help consumers protect themselves during and after a disaster, including how to spot possible opportunists, bad deals and con-artists.

 | by
Henry Hintermeister
Creative Associate

If you’re wondering why U.S. PIRG has launched its campaign to win back the Polluter Pays Tax for toxic waste cleanups, consider what nearly occurred in Midland, Michigan, when historic flooding met with a chemical plant, a toxic Superfund site and a town of 41,000.

Racks of clothing.  Image by triocean via Shutterstock
 | by
Olivia Sullivan
Zero Waste Campaign, Associate

We hear from the fashion industry expert and journalist on tech solutions to clothing overstock problems and how policy can drive industry change